Linkup Paints BOP History
Linkup Paints was first established in the New Zealand paint industry in 1982. The journey started in Hamilton, where the Adamson family embarked on a mission to serve the needs of the automotive, industrial, marine, wood finishing, and home decorating industries. This first stroke of the brush marked the beginning of an ethos committed to service that would define the company. In 1990, Linkup Paints expanded and opened a branch in Tauranga, known today as Linkup Paints Bay of Plenty (BOP).
Linkup Paints BOP History 2005
A new chapter began in October 2005, when Jason and Kim Barry, primed with a strong vision for the future, took the reins of Linkup Paints BOP. Jason, who had long been part of the Linkup Paints family in various roles, brought a wealth of experience along with a deep understanding of the company’s ethos. This transition marked a period of renewed energy and focus, propelling the company into its next phase of growth.
Linkup Paints BOP History 3
Today, Linkup Paints BOP has a team of 18 dedicated professionals, with 6 representatives on the road daily, offering their expertise to a diverse clientele across the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, and Gisborne. Their mission is clear: to assist everyone from car painters to engineers, sandblasters, architects, boat builders, and home decorators in selecting the perfect tools and paint systems for their projects. This commitment ensures that every job is done right, the first time.

But the Linkup Paints BOP story is about more than paint; it’s about providing a total service experience. The company prides itself on not just selling a product but understanding and addressing each project and client’s individual needs. This is achieved by listening to and advising clients, and ensuring they are equipped not just with paint, but with the knowledge and tools to realise their vision.

At the core of Linkup Paints BOP’s enduring success is a team of specialists who possess unparalleled knowledge of their products. This expertise guarantees a consistent level of high-quality service, making Linkup Paints BOP not just a supplier, but a trusted partner in every project.

As the story continues to unfold, Linkup Paints BOP remains dedicated to understanding each client’s unique needs, offering expertise, and delivering an unwavering commitment to excellence. Linkup Paints BOP is a company firmly anchored in its heritage yet always looking forward, ready to meet the evolving requirements of its clients with the same passion and dedication that has defined it from the beginning.

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