Our Automotive paint range is comprehensive and carefully selected to provide solutions for all our automotive customers.

We stock the highest quality car paint systems from Valspar because they deliver the best finish while remaining one of the best ‘value for money’ systems on the New Zealand market. The Valspar Corporation was founded in the USA in 1806 and is a major global player and around number 6 in the world in paint and coatings.

We have a large range of refinishing products including primers, colours, and clears for every application. We stock an extensive range of support products which include body fillers, abrasives, paint strippers, masking products, rust treatment and preventative products, as well as a full range of application and safety equipment.

We cater to New Zealand’s ‘state of the art’ collision repair centres, vehicle restoration specialists, commercial transport, and fleet painters – right through to the DIY expert.

Automotive Paint Solutions

Valspar acquired DeBeer Lakfabrieken in 2004. DeBeer has been available in New Zealand since 1999 and has become an accepted quality refinish brand within New Zealand.

DeBeer Refinish is the premium automotive refinish brand from Valspar and offers high quality colour mixing systems ranging from the traditional clear over base and 2K acrylic systems. DeBeer also provides the more advanced compliant water base and high solid colour systems. Additionally, DeBeer offer motorcycle & special effect products, as well as fleet and light industrial products.


Valspar refinish is a complete colour system designed to be simple and compact, yet providing quality at an affordable price.

The system is a multi-leg colour system which enable you to make multiple types of paints from the same colour toners. Valspar Refinish can produce enamel, 1K lacquer, 2K urethane, basecoat and other specialty paint lines. The system is complete with all primers, clears and ancillary products as well.


DNA (as in genetically modified paint) is a full spectrum of custom finishes and effects limited only by ones imagination. Not only does it consist of an extensive range of effects and colours, but also includes a complete stable of products including epoxy’s, primers and clear coats.

A huge advantage over competitor products is that DNA is completely manufactured in Melbourne and tested to Australasian weather conditions especially our UV exposure in this part of the world. (Note Australia and New Zealand are exposed to up to double the harmful UV radiation than the northern hemisphere per annum)

Candies, Candy basecoats, Flakes, Virtual Chromes, Colour shift, Mutant Crystalz, Flat Clear, Flat Black, Holagrafix Crystals, Marbilizer, Glow in the Dark, Hi Sparkle pearl to name just a few.


(also made by DNA) is waterborne airbrush colours specifically developed by airbrush artists for airbrush artists perfect for all applications including automotive.


Our Brands

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